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Cassia fistula is widely grown as an ornamental plant in tropical and subtropical areas. It blooms in late spring. Flowering is profuse, with trees ... more info
High quality Datura Wrightii seeds treated with GA-3 for outstanding germination rate! The flowers are the most striking feature, sweet fragrant ... more info
5 Echinocereus Engelmannii Seeds (Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus)

USDA Hardiness zones: 7-10 Sun requirement: Full sun. Water requirement: Little to no supplemental water. Plant description: Sturdy little cactus ... more info
Also known as Illinois Bundle flower or Prairie Mimosa, Desmanthus Illinoensis is a perennial member of the mimosa family that is native to Illinios ... more info
'Stardust' is a mat-forming, succulent, evergreen perennial with linear, fleshy, dark grey-green leaves and, from early summer into autumn, solitary, ... more info
Delosperma Cooperii is an ornamental succulent whose fleshy leaves are “carpeted” with blooms that are like delicate magenta asterisks. As one of ... more info
When the average American thinks of a cactus, he or she probably pictures a giant saguaro with a central column and two arms. This Sonoran desert ... more info
Brugmansia is a half-hardy tropical from southeastern Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. In the U.S., it has adapted to some parts of Californiaand Florida. ... more info
Linum (flax) is a genus of approximately 200 species in the flowering plant family Linaceae, native to temperate and subtropical regions of the ... more info
2000 Barley Seeds ~ Organic Grass ~ High Alkaline Line ~ Reduce

Barley Grass imparts an alkaline residue once digested and can help to nourish and balance your system. Barley Grass is gluten free and can be used ... more info
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