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Though various species of aconite have been considered important medicinal plants by most traditions in areas where it grows, it has become a feared ... more info
More commonly known as Hawaiian Baby Woodrose or elephant creeper, this perennial flowering vine is in the same family as morning glory ... more info
An unfortunate tendency in naturopathic medicine is to react out of fear instead of acting from a place of knowledge when it comes to low-dose ... more info
Lavender is one of the most used herbs, known for a variety of properties. This herb is one of the most versatile out there: it can be used in ... more info
Colchicum Autumnale is gorgeous ornamental flower that can be grown as a houseplant or a landscaping perennial. Known as Meadow Saffron or Autumn ... more info
  Nymphaea Caerulea, which is a synonym for the more proper nymphaea nouchali var. caerulea, derives from the banks of ... more info
Salvia apiana or white sage is a perennially growing evergreen shrub that is indigenous to the southwestern regions of the United States and the ... more info
Silene Capensis, also known as Silene Undulata, is a perennial herb whose roots were used extensively as a dream inducer (aka. oneirogenic) by ... more info
We all know spearmint’s value as a flavoring and an aromatic herb. The name "Spearmint" comes from the shape of its leaves. As a flavoring, it is ... more info
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