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Ephedra Sinica is an evergreen native to Asia, where is has long been part of traditional Chinese medicine as a treatment for respiratory conditions. ... more info
Epithelantha Micromeris, also known as button cactus, is a small, globular ornamental cactus. Its green flesh is entirely covered by a tight mesh of ... more info
Erythrina Mulungu Bark Powder - 1 Oz - Herbal Tranquilizer

Mrythrina Mulungu is a medicinal tree native to Brazil whose bark is used primarily for sedation and anti-anxiety effects. A close relative, ... more info
Euphorbia Lathyris is also commonly known as Mole Plant, Paper Spurge, Gopher Plant, Caper Spurge, or Gopher Spurge. It is an ornamental plant that ... more info
Ficus Religiosa Seeds (Bodhi) Sacred Fig Tree - Bonsai

... more info
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Ficus Religiosa, literally meaning sacred fig, is an important Hindu and Buddhist symbol that grows in a wide part of south Asia, including both ... more info
When the average American thinks of a cactus, he or she probably pictures a giant saguaro with a central column and two arms. This Sonoran desert ... more info
Glaucium Flavum, known as the Yellow Horned Poppy, is a biennial flower with relatively untapped medicinal potential. Like the Mexican Prickly poppy ... more info
Cassia fistula is widely grown as an ornamental plant in tropical and subtropical areas. It blooms in late spring. Flowering is profuse, with trees ... more info
(Sun Opener)   1 Gram   Heimia Salicifolia, aka Sinicuichi or Sun Opener, is a decorative perennial, growing to roughly three ... more info
Heimia Salicifolia, aka Sinicuichi or Sun Opener, is an attractive perennial plant that grows to broadly three meters. Although it grows naturally in ... more info
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