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Silene Capensis, also known as Silene Undulata, is a perennial herb whose roots were used extensively as a dream inducer (aka. oneirogenic) by ... more info
We all know spearmint’s value as a flavoring and an aromatic herb. The name "Spearmint" comes from the shape of its leaves. As a flavoring, it is ... more info
Rhodiola rosea is a cold-climate, perennial herb. It is generally classified as a natural adaptogen, meaning a substance that promotes overall ... more info
Muira puama is a tree native to the Brazilian Amazon whose root bark is used to treat impotence. Reports suggest it has a positive effect on both ... more info
     Nettle tea is an herbal tea made out of the plant Urtica dioica, which is grown in Europe, Canada, and the United ... more info
Lobelia inflata is an herb found in the southeastern part of Canada and the eastern half of the United States, with the exception of Florida. The ... more info
The bark of the West African Yohimbe tree is rich in a biologically active substance called yohimbine. Indigenous tribes and medical herbalists have ... more info
Calea is also known as “Dream Herb” because it was used by the Mazatec Shamans to induce lucid dreaming. This includes things like realizing one ... more info
Pennyroyal is perhaps the shortest member of the mint family and is valuable in aromatherapy and herbal medicine. It is also an insecticide against ... more info
Wild lettuce  can be found in various places such as the south east and east of England, Punjab regions of Pakistan, India and Australia. It has ... more info
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