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Salvia apiana or white sage is a perennially growing evergreen shrub that is indigenous to the southwestern regions of the United States and the ... more info
Miniature Chinese Rose Buds Dried Tea Herb Flower

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West Seed Farm is proud to offer authentic dried Chinese miniature rose buds. Rose buds are great for potpourri mixes, home d├ęcor, crafts or wedding ... more info
Dwarf Horticulture Taylor Strain Bean Seeds

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Heirloom Seed that dates back to the early 19th century. Yumalicious on the flavor scale with purple splashed beans that are oval, large and ... more info
Canavalia Rosea, also known as Baybean or Jackbean, is a fast-growing beach-dwelling vine from various coastal regions of the world, including the ... more info
Sacred lotus has many similarities to and is frequently confused with Nymphaea Caerulea. Sacred Lotus has long been celebrated as a religious and ... more info
Red Lotus (nymphaea rubra) is a member of the waterlily family and is known commonly as Indian Red Waterlily. It is a close relative of Sacred Blue ... more info
Blue Lotus helps to protect and repair damaged skin and hair. It soothes irritated skin as well. So no matter what condition your skin is in, or what ... more info

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Caffeine is a naturally occurring compound that is found in a number of plant species, most famously the coffee bean. A typical cup of coffee ... more info
Slippery elm bark is one of the ingredients in Essiac Tea. The American Indians used slippery elm bark as liquid bandages for wounds. When water is ... more info
Scarlet Runner Bean Organic (Phaseolus coccineus) Bean Seeds

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Scarlet flowers against green, heart-shaped foliage. Rapid climbers. Beans are edible and delicious when young. It can grow from 72-96 inches high, ... more info
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