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Artemisia Vulgaris, otherwise known as mugwort or common wormwood, is an aromatic, medicinal herb growing to about six feet in high. It is similar in ... more info
Artemisia annua, an annual forb (a broad-leaved herbaceous plant that is not a grass) is commonly known as Sweet Sagewort or Sweet Wormwood. You ... more info
Wormwood is a highly aromatic, silvery-green, extremely hardy, perennial herb that has for centuries been used for an array of purposes. Among its ... more info
Arnica Montana, also known as Mountain Tobacco, is a yellow-flowered perennial herb native to Europe. Arnica herb typically sells for high prices. It ... more info
Argemone Mexicana is perhaps the most well-known of the Argemone genus, the species of which are generally regarded as prickly poppies. Argemone ... more info
5 Ariocarpus Fissuratus Seeds (Chautle) Living Stone, Live Rock

Ariocarpus fissuratus is one of many varieties of cacti and succulents known as living rocks, a term coined for their ability to blend into their ... more info
1000 Roman Chamomile Seeds (Anthemis Nobilis)

Chamaemelum Nobile (syn. Anthemis nobilis) is one of two major types of chamomile. It is referred to as “Roman chamomile” in contrast to ... more info
Artemisia caudata, a subspecies of A. campestris, is an herbaceous biennial that can be found growing in excessively dry or sandy soils and ... more info
Aloe polyphylla is a coveted ornamental succulent from the Drakensberg Mountains of Southern Africa. Polyphylla is a relative of the common aloe ... more info
Albizia Julibrissin is perennial and fares best in sub-tropical zones. Best charecterized by its tripinnate leaves and gorgeous flowers this plant ... more info
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