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Glaucium Flavum, known as the Yellow Horned Poppy, is a biennial flower with relatively untapped medicinal potential. Like the Mexican Prickly poppy ... more info
1g Lactuca Virosa (Wild Lettuce 15x Resin Extract)

Lactuca virosa grows as a biennial, leafy stalk stemming from a large brown taproot. It starts as a low rosette at first, but extends with age, ... more info
Ficus Religiosa Seeds (Bodhi) Sacred Fig Tree - Bonsai

... more info
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Ficus Religiosa, literally meaning sacred fig, is an important Hindu and Buddhist symbol that grows in a wide part of south Asia, including both ... more info
Euphorbia Lathyris is also commonly known as Mole Plant, Paper Spurge, Gopher Plant, Caper Spurge, or Gopher Spurge. It is an ornamental plant that ... more info
Eupatorium Maculatum, more commonly known as Joe Pye Weed or Queen of the Meadow, is a sweet-smelling native wildflower plant featuring pink and ... more info
Epithelantha Micromeris, also known as button cactus, is a small, globular ornamental cactus. Its green flesh is entirely covered by a tight mesh of ... more info
Epazote’ is a 1-3 foot herb that is most commonly used as a culinary ingredient in Mexican cuisine as well as a flatulence preventative. Epazote’ ... more info
Datura Stramonium is perhaps the most well-known species of datura. These seeds will produce extravagant white trumpet-shaped flowers with purple ... more info
This variation of Dahlia is called Black Beauty. It features dark mahogany red flowers that appear black to the naked eye. As a result of this ... more info
As the name suggests, East Indian Lemon grass is a citrus-flavored grass from an area that includes India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. This annual grass ... more info
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