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200 Papaver Rhoeas (Red Corn Poppy / Shirley Poppy) Seeds

Papaver rhoeas is known by many other names, including corn poppy, Flanders poppy and Shirley poppy. It is a red, four-petaled, annual flower with a ... more info
Lactuca virosa grows as a biennial, leafy stalk stemming from a large brown taproot. It starts as a low rosette at first, but extends with age, ... more info
Woad is a biennial to perennial plant that is native to SE Europe. It forms a rosette of leaves in the first year, which spawns a flowering stalk in ... more info
Morning glory is a classical favorite for gardeners. This easy-to-grow flowering vine produces fascinating, trumpet-shaped, brilliant sapphire blue ... more info
This species is a vigorous climber which produced a multitude of striped blue and pink blooms with gorgeous detail. It flowers all summer, ... more info
Although several species of hypericum are known as Wort, this is indeed the one most used in herbal medicine. Wort is a perennial herb native to and ... more info
Although some species of Hypericum are indeed known as St. John’s Wort, this is the one used most frequently in herbal medicine. St. John’s Wort ... more info
Humulus Lupulus, or hops, is a perennial vine plant that extends 15 to 30 feet. Hops has separate female and male plants. The flowers of the female ... more info
100 Sweet Grass Seeds (Heirochloe Odorata) Bulk Deal - Very Rare

Min:  50
Sweet grass is a native grass and a perennial. In other corners of the world it is known as holy grass. Almost all Native American tribes used sweet ... more info
Heimia Salicifolia, aka Sinicuichi or Sun Opener, is an attractive perennial plant that grows to broadly three meters. Although it grows naturally in ... more info
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