Hops Seeds (Humulus Lupulus) Perennial Vine Plant


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Humulus Lupulus, or hops, is a perennial vine plant that extends 15 to 30 feet. Hops has separate female and male plants. The flowers of the female plants are a popular ingredient in beer, serving to add a bitter taste that balances out the sweetness of the malt. It has been cultivated since 736 in what is present-day Germany. In addition to being used in beer, hops is also valuable in herbal medicine. It contains volatile oils that reportedly have sedative and soporific effects. It can be taken as an infusion or smoked. Hops is said to be beneficial in improving appetite and digestion. Its sedative effects are employed for inducing sleep at bedtime and helping reduce alcohol cravings. It is also said to cleanse the blood and assist liver functions. Most commercially-grown hops is reproduced by cloning, which has negative effects on the genetic diversity and the immunity of a species against disease. Through habitual cloning, the plants lose or diminish their ability to produce seeds. While cloning offers a quicker option for commercial industry, growing from seed is important for the success of the species, and seed-grown plants may one day be called upon in the event of a mass crop devastation.

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