Creeping WINTERGREEN SEEDS Gaultheria Procumbens


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Creeping Wintergreen is a hardy groundcover from zones 3 to 8. The name wintergreen originates from old legends told that this is a mystical plant which mysteriously remains green all throughout the winter. If you were to predict how high it would grow, it would be five inches. It is a flavoring, ornamental and flavoring herb. its essential oil is used as a flavoring in teas, candy and toothpaste. It smells amazing - very aromatic glossy green foliage. Methyl salicylate gives the plant it's flavor. An infusion made with 1 tsp of leaves is used medicinally for a many ailments including arthritic pain and stomach problems. Deers love The plant’s bright red berries as well as other animals. The berries endure throughout the winter like soldiers with white bell-shaped flowers forming from early May through late September.

Growing Information:

Make sure to sow your seeds outdoors in the fall or even in the early spring. Simply press into the surface of the soil. Wet, acidic soil is preferential. Soil should be made more acidic by adding some peat. Provide it with full sun to partial shade for overall best results. It is in its nature to germinate slowly and in an irregular fashion.

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