Joe Pye Weed Seeds (Eupatorium Maculatum)


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Eupatorium Maculatum, more commonly known as Joe Pye Weed or Queen of the Meadow, is a sweet-smelling native wildflower plant featuring pink and purple flowers during its blooming season in early autumn (Aug.-Oct.). The leaves of this perennial plant appear in whorls around the stem and the clusters of aromatic flowers draw butterflies, who find the wildflower irresistible. Joe Pye Weed is also tall, growing 4’-7’ in height, making it ideal for privacy or as a nice border plant for a garden. Traditionally used as a medicinal herb, Joe Pye Weed was named for Joe Pye, a legendary Native American healer who is said to have used the plant to cure many people suffering from typhoid fever in the 1700s. The plant’s perspiration inducing element helped to break the fever of those victims of typhoid. Also considered a botanical diuretic, Joe Pye Weed is helpful in keeping the kidney and urinary systems healthy, and thus is useful in combating urinary tract infections. The roots of the plant are most useful for medicinal purposes and can be utilized as a tea or for topical use to qualm joint pains. A physician should be consulted before any usage and excessive consumption or use should be avoided, although the plant currently does not feature any health warnings. Growing Instructions: As a native wildflower of North America, Joe Pye Weed can be found growing naturally in low, moist areas or along streams. Eupatorium Maculatum needs a moist, rich soil featuring full sun to partial shade. During the winter, the plants can be cut or filed back and stored at a cool temperature (around 48-50 degrees Fahrenheit). If growing the plant from seeds, the seeds will germinate in 30 to 90 days and will thrive best at 55 degrees Fahrenheit during this time.

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